Oxygen Therapy – The New Buzz in the Beauty Industry

You may have heard a good deal about oxygen treatment in the media recently. It surely has been the new buzz word in the business. With stars like Madonna, Heather Locklear, Donatella Versace and Gwen Stefani endorsing it and Madonna is even reported to have a system in her house, there’s surely lots of interest in this therapy.

So what’s Oxygen Therapy and how does this function? Most of us need oxygen. We’re surrounded by it. We breathe it in. Oxygen can also be a therapeutic agent, a supplier of energy and it protects against unfriendly bacteria and disorder. Science has shown us that our own skin tissues will be the last to obtain the oxygen we breathe in.

Also as we age that the delivery of oxygen into the skin tissues slows down which then slows down the cell regeneration. The skin may also be in possession of a general ‘dulling’. Oxygen Treatment combats these symptoms by providing a concentrated flow of oxygen directly into the skin, followed closely by an oxygen rich skin lotion or serum.

Based on Intraceuticals, an Australian company that developed the remedy together with a skincare choice to go for this, the Oxygen facial skin is gentle, soothing and relaxing and is acceptable for all skin types.

The facial promises to provide skin which feels and looks years younger, is hydrated and moisturized as well as also the skin renewal will be stimulated. The company also asserts that your fine blemishes and lines virtually disappear in only a one 30 second therapy.

A rise in the degree of oxygen from the skin will help to improve the skin cells’ metabolic health, improves new cell development and the operation of the blood vessels within the skin. The consequent increase in blood circulation boosts the body’s ability to metabolise, absorb and use minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.

If however you’re a busy woman always on the move Tali by Tali Shine has developed the very initial Oxygen Therapy in a jar. This amazing little product is very good if you’re flying or generally devote a whole lot of time in air conditioning that’s extremely dehydrating for the epidermis. This item was made by utilizing technology developed by NASA scientists.

Initially this spray has a gentle chlorine-like odor. Nonetheless, it isn’t unpleasant. The odor is a result of the usage of Atlantic sea salt at the production procedure. And if they place a fragrance in the product to mask the odor, this could have destabilised the air. We prefer the first odor.

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